Alright so first thing first lets just touch on the subject of whats appropriate and what’s not. You should always dress appropriately for where you are just because you’re on vacation and it gets hotter than a hoochie coochie doesn’t mean you should walk around with ass cheeks out, or a bikini top at a temple. Please be respectful.

Okay ladies, stick with me here. This is only my SUGGESTIONS on the things and numbers of the items below. Obviously this is very flexible and something thats totally up to you and the type of traveler you are, but this is what I try to stick to when traveling Southeast Asia, I also tend to over pack STILL but thats just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

In other words, don’t think you HAVE to bring this much stuff / don’t think you can ONLY bring this amount of stuff. You do you boo. I’m not here to judge. Just remember, you’re probably carrying everything in a backpack which means the more you bring the more you carry—on your back!

Alright lets jump into it.


  • 4 Tank tops/ Crop tops- Southeast Asia is usually pretty damn hot.
  • 4 T-Shirts- Even though it’s gonna be hot, you’ll want these to cover your shoulders from the sun sometimes and you’ll need to cover your shoulders when visiting temples.
  • 1 Hoodie/ sweater- Just incase you get cold on the plane, bus, trains, or if you visit up north it might get chilly in the mountains.
  • 1 Rain jacket- only if you’re visiting during rainy season though.


  • 2 Denim shorts- My favorite are my high-waisted Levis (1 pair in blue, 1 in black) I find them to look good with everything, especially over your bathing suit when you’ve drank too many Changs and you’re feeling a liiittle extra pudgy.
  • 1 Comfy/ Athletic shorts- You can wear them during the day, in bed, or wherever really.
  • 1 Pair of Leggings- You’ll want to wear these on your flights, train rides, and just whenever you feel like being comfy.
  • 1 Pair of Flowy Pants- Dont laugh. You’ll actually need them when visiting temples (or any other pants that cover your knees). There’s really no need to even worry about buying them ahead of time, you’ll find them all over the place in Asia and they’re probably way cheaper there then at home!
  • 1 Skirt- you can wear it casually or dress it up at night, a maxi skirt is preferable because you could also you it at the temples (no fret though, most temples have wraps you can borrow to cover your knees.

This is where I tend to fall off track with my minimalistic packing ways-probably because I’m lazy and dresses are just so cute AND easy to wear, but this is what I try to stick to.

Dresses and more

  • 1 Maxi Dress- temples, dinner, literally anytime is a good time for a maxi dress.
  • 2-2,001 Short dresses- Don’t judge me. I already told you guys my weakness. You could even swap out a dress for a romper. Cute, no matching required, and only one piece of clothing in your backpack vs 2 when wearing a separate bottom and a top.
Dirty Talk 😉
  • UNDIES- idk about you, but my worst nightmare is not have a clean undies to wear so I jam as many as I possibly can into my bag. If you can’t get that many to fit- then dont fret, you can always handwash them in the shower with ya and they wont take that long to dry.
  • 2 Regular bras
  • 2 Sports bra
  • 1 pair of socks- even if you dont bring any shoes that may require them, you might want them to keep your feet warm on the plane and whatnot.

TIP: I never pack specific PJ’s. Everything I pack can be worn in public. Just wear your comfy shorts or leggings and a t-shirt to bed….or just go nakey if ya want.


  • 2/3 Bathing Suits- Chances are you’ll be wearing one almost every day so you might want a few.
  • 1 Sarong- You can buy one there cheap so dont worry if you dont have one. You can use it as a towl if you need, beach blanket, light blanket, cover up, etc.
  • Sunglasses- bring a pair or buy some cheap knockoffs there.
  • Fanny Pack- dont @ me. These are actually super convenient when shopping in a busy area or partying on the beach. Strap it on and keep it in the front. It gives you easy access to your stuff, but makes it hard for anyone to sneak a hand in and steal anything.

Shoes-lets get some shoes

In all honesty you could get away with only bringing two pairs of shoes. You’ll end up bringing 3/4 pairs and look back at this post and wonder why you didn’t listen to me. ITS OKAYyyyy- cause I don’t even listen to me most of the time. Here’s my recommendations with maybe an extra pair or so you wont really need.

  • Flip Flops-Bring a good pair like Rainbows. I’ve been wearing my Rainbows for 9 years now. They’re worth the extra money and a hell of a lot comfier then the $2 Walmart ones.
  • Running/ Active shoes- Tennis shoes if you’re planning on being really active. If not, just bring a pair of vans or something. I like my vans beacuse I can wear them with a dress and they still look cute.
  • Sandals- If you find a comfy and cute pair- I’d bring them. Wear them during the days or wear them at night to dress up a bit.
  • Heels- hehe you don’t need them… UNLESSSS you’re planning on going to some boujee sky bars/ clubs/ etc- then bring ONE PAIR-I suggest a chunky heel with a strap so you can actually walk and a neutral tone so you can wear them with everything.

Tolietries for Southeast Asia

Honestly you can find everything you need at a 7/11 store on any corner BUT there are a few things I’d pack with you still.

  • Deodorant- “Asian deodorant” is a bit weird. They like the roll on kind, which I really hate as someone who sweats like a 500lb man- its like why is my armpit wet already when the stuff is supposed to keep in dry ya dig?
  • Sunscreen- is pricey AF for a good one that doesnt have whitening chemicals in it so bring a travel size bottle or two of some from home.
  • TAMPONS- It can be really hard to find tampons sometimes in Asia, and it’s especially hard to find good ones- usually they only have the shitty cardboard ones, or tiny ones you have to push up coochie with your fin…. JUST BRING YOU’RE OWN!
  • Skin care- Idk about yall but I cant live without my DR. Bronners soap- so if you have a special soap/ or whatever that you use everyday- bring it.
  • Dry Shampoo- If you’re like me you probably dont fancy washing and drying your hair everyday so buy a few travel size bottles of dry shampoo before you leave.


Here are some other things I highly recommend…

  • Padlock – Especially if you stay in dorms, bring your own. Also, sometimes rooms are locked with padlocks. I always use my own that way I know I’m the only one with a key.
  • GoPro – Duh- an absolute must for backpacking Southeast Asia!
  • Power bank – You’ll want one. Trust me. Long train rides with no outlets, full day out on a boat, etc.
  • Universal adaptor – Get one before you go because once you’re abroad they will be more expensive and crappier. (Just don’t get the ones with 100 pieces, you WILL lose them.)
  • Power Strip – If you’re traveling with someone or if you have a lot of electronics, this is literally the best thing you can own!
  • Unlocked Phone – Unlocked phones are great because for a few bucks you can get a sim card in that country.

Have any reccomendations? Drop them below!

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