Post travel depression- something you don’t see on those beautiful and perfectly curated feeds. All my travel buddies I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. When I’m traveling, it’s like I’m on a permanent high. Everything is new and exciting. I’m in a place I’ve never been before, surrounded by things I’ve never seen and people I’ve never met. The opportunity to learn and experience new things is vast. My intense curiosity and wanderlust is being fulfilled, and my adrenaline levels are at an all time high. Sure, traveling has testing times. Times when I’m extremely tired, frustrated, and or anxious—but those moments are usually short and easily trumped quickly when I take a sec, breathe, and just look at where I am. Then BAM- I’m back on that high. That intense and fulfilling high truthfully lasts the majority of the weeks/months/etc. that I’m out in the world exploring, and I feel like life couldn’t get any better. I’m truly my best when I’m on the road.

But then the inevitable happens: the time comes to end the trip, go home and take a break from traveling. Although it’s usually for something kind of exciting like seeing family, or a friend’s wedding, and so on, the consistent excitement I feel while traveling, going back “home” leaves me feeling extremely low. Like REALLY REALLY low. At home, everything is the same as it always was. My adrenaline levels TANK as I return to the familiar. I go from constant change to routine monotony and it all just seems totally bleak. My lust for life totally disappears as I try to get back into a steadier, “normal” lifestyle.

Post travel depression is a very real thing. It’s pretty common for people to feel down or “blue” after a trip. You get so used to that intensity and excitement you felt while traveling, but once you’re home, there is nothing to stimulate you. It just seems kind of…boring. I always joke and say that travel is the most expensive addiction there is. Once you get a little taste of it, you cant help but want more.

So what do you do when you’re stuck at home for a while? Maybe it’s to save up, maybe its to see friends, help your family, whatever it is……how do you beat that feeling of post travel depression? I’ll be honest I still haven’t figured it out. I truly struggle with it every single day but a few things that help me get through the days are looking back at pictures and videos from my trips. Reminiscing on those times are great because you kind of get to relive those moments in a way. Another thing I do is trying to take a small trip somewhere. Maybe a short road trip somewhere for a night, or even take the day off and drive to the next town over and do something you havent done yet. Keeping yourself busy with friends is another good way to distract yourself but of course the BEST way to cure those blues is to book another trip. Once I have a trip planned, it gives me everything to look forward to and I start to feel that intense excitment coming back when I start planning the details out.