Shrouded in the clouds on Koh Samui’s hillside sits a modern, tranquil, and my personal favorite villa, 180 Samui. This stunning 5-star villa nestled into the mountainside on the east coast of the island has seemingly made the sky its home. To say I’m currently sitting on cloud nine writing this…as I watch the clouds move away and the sunrise…is both an exaggeration and an understatement.
Visually stunning throughout the day as the water from the ocean and the infinity pool act as a mirror to the clouds, but personally, I think the most breath-taking time is during sunrise when the vibrant colors glimmer off the water until the sun reaches the sky and the infinity pool becomes an optical illusion that looks like it blends right into the sky. Seriously, have you ever seen a better sunrise then that? Didn’t think so.

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Designed so that every room has a stunning view of the ever-changing blues and teals of the ocean, it also allows the cool ocean breeze to flow throughout. This cutting-edge architecture aligned with the natural beauty of the setting ensures 180 is effortlessly cool in every sense.
With its airy layout, this stunning villa offers ample indoor and outdoor living space for all your friends and family to relax in comfort. Featuring 5 master bedrooms all equipped with en-suite bathrooms, an outdoor gym where Personal Trainers, Yoga instructors, and Muay Thai lessons can all be arranged for you, a sundeck/ rooftop bar, pool table, infinity pool, and a SPA with a range of healthy and holistic treatments that can be arranged for you by a 5 star trained massage therapist. Trust me when I tell you this was the Best. Message. Ever.
Of course, I saved the best for last. Drumroll please………THE FOOD!! Come on’ now! If you know me, then you know there are few things I like more than a great meal and that’s exactly what you’ll get at 180 Samui. Your stay includes daily breakfast from which you can choose Continental or Asian style, (both are delicious) but for a little extra you can arrange for the staff and a professional chef to cook up some truly AMAZING meals. They offer the 180 Thai Gala Dinner- which is full of delicious traditional Thai cuisine as well as the Seafood and Meat Feast BBQ which is loaded with EVERYTHING you can think of from fresh lobsters to Tomahawk steaks – if you enjoy great food, this one is an ABSOLUTE MUST.
Everything about 180 Samui exceeded my expectations. I’m certain they will exceed yours too.
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