Easily the number one question I get is “how do you afford all these trips?” and the simple answer is, I make it a priority. I enjoying traveling way more then I enjoy getting my hair done and going to the bars. So here are a few tips on how to cut back and save up!

1. Check Your Expenses

Are you still paying for cable? Seriously? When was that time you actually watched TV? You can watch anything online these days. Are you paying for a gym membership? What if you canceled it and worked out at your house or outside?

2. Baby Girl (Or Boy) You’re Beautiful the Way You Are

Things like tanning, hairstyling, getting your nails done, etc, are freaking expensive! Think about how much money you would save in a year if you stopped paying a salon for all those highlights, and you quit getting your nails done every month. You’d save hundreds of dollars a year!! That’s easily a plane ticket somewhere great!

3. Cook At Home

Seriously who still eats out that much? Most of the time you’re gonna choose crap food when you go out to eat. So save yourself some money and calories and cook up something cheap and healthy at home. If you’re only cooking for yourself I know you might think its more expensive to cook then just to go out but that’s not entirely true. Get creative and take a little bit of time to plan out a menu for the week before you go to the store. This is an easy way to save at least a couple hundred bucks.

4. Sell it

I’m willing to bet that you have a ton of junk that you don’t need. Sell it. Have extra furniture? Sell it. Have a bunch of clothes you don’t wear anymore? Sell it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Use craigslist, eBay, facebook, whatever. Just sell it. Everyone can probably make a few extra bucks this way!

5. Stop Social Spending

This can be one of the hardest ways to cut back, but its probably gonna save you the most money. I don’t suggest cutting off all your friends but you’ve got to get over the FOMO (fear of missing out). Think about how much money you spend in just one weekend when you go out with your friends. Dinner? Drinks? Probably more drinks? Uber? Weekends with your friends will quickly wipe out your savings! Consider having everyone over to your house to hang out. I PROMISE you can make mimosas at home and they taste JUST as good as they do at brunch.

If you just cut back $100 a month, well that’s $1,200 a year! That’s enough money to buy a roundtrip ticket somewhere kickass! So when people ask me “How do you afford all those trips?” it’s easy to answer. It’s not how much money I make TRUST ME. It’s how I spend my money. Everyone chooses how they spend their money. It’s up to you if you’d rather buy things like new clothes or buy experiences like a trip to Bali…….and you know which one I’d choose! So start cutting back your unnecessary expenses and you’ll see how easy it is to travel the world!