Thailand is one of the TOP destinations for backpackers and for good reason. It’s budget friendly, safe for solo travel, and has an endless list of activities for every type of person.  Today I’m breaking down how much a day in Bangkok typically cost.


The currency exchange rate used is approximately ฿33 Thai Baht to $1 US Dollar.


Hostels are EVERYWHERE in this city and they’re super cheap. I’m talking as low as $4. freaking. bucks. Check to find the best ones. That’s the site I always use when booking a hostel. Also, check for hostels that provide breakfast and BOOM, one free meal!

*TIP* If you’re only spending a night or two in Bangkok then I suggest staying near Khao San Rd. Great nightlife, street food, and its walking distance to the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and many more attractions!


Well if you didn’t get free breakfast at your hostel then grab some street food or head over to the nearest 7eleven. If you ask anybody that’s been to Thailand before they’ll tell you that 7eleven is the “plug” for some ham and cheese toasted sandwiches. They cost ฿25 ($0.75) and they’re in the cooler but when you bring it to the register they’ll ask if you want it heated up. YES, you do. They put it on a little toaster and it’s SOOO good. I usually start my morning with a coffee and ham sandwich from the 7eleven.


Eat the street food. Pad Thai is everywhere in Bangkok and it only cost about ฿50 ($1.50)-and that’s usually with chicken. You can also find a lot of other options like garlic chicken and rice for about the same price.


You can get a large Chang- Thailands local beer (and one of my favorites) for ฿80 ($2.50). If you plan on drinking a lot then I suggest going to 7eleven and buying a bottle of liquor there. They sell buckets (a literal bucket of liquor usually mixed with red bull and a coke or sprite) everywhere but a lot of places switch out brand name liquors for really cheap/watered down liquor.


If you want to check out the Grand Palace its ฿500 ($13.00) pretty pricey. If you don’t feel like spending that much I suggest heading next door to Wat Pho- the temple of the Reclining Buddha and it only cost ฿100 ($3.00) and you get a free water! This is actually my favorite temple!

Check out the water taxi in Bangkok. For a full day ticket which lets you hop on and hop off as many times as you want, it cost ฿150 ($4.00) and this way you can explore some different parts of the city.

If you want to do some shopping then there is a TON of things for sale all over the city-especially on Khao San Road, just remember to negotiate the prices!! Tip- Take whatever number they start with and cut it in half. That’s about what you should pay.