Bali is such a beautiful and vibrant island with a vast environment making it one of my FAVORITE places in the entire world! I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent quite some time there and so I thought id share with you my top 5 recommendations for things to do while traveling this amazing island. I’ve also created a video recapping this blog that you can watch HERE!

1. Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Chances are if you’ve opened your Instagram app within the last 2 years then you’ve seen pictures of people at the famous Monkey Forest. Located north of Seminyak/Kuta its tucked away in the town of Ubud. It cost about $3USD for a ticket and its definitely a must do while in Bali but be warned, the monkeys are extremely cute but they are also wild animals still so you need to be careful and follow the rules.

2. Get a driver.
My next recommendation for you guys is to hire a driver. That may sound “boujee” but it’s really not. For about $50USD you can hire a driver for 8 hours. This is awesome because not only will they take you wherever you ask, they will also plan a whole days trip exploring all of Bali for you if you don’t have anything planned yet. It’s the best bang for the buck and a great way to see a lot of things in a limited about of time. To name a few of the things I’ve done during a planned trip by my driver are: exploring temples, climbing rice terraces, attending a traditional Balinese show, eating lunch on the side of a volcano, watching people craft silver jewelry, drinking cat poop coffee (will explain later), swimming in waterfalls and that’s just a few things. You can hire a driver online just by googling it or asking around once you get there.
3. Villa Villa Villa.
Well if hiring your own private driver didn’t sound “boujee” this will. Rent a private villa. Seriously. Bali is known for its beautiful and super affordable accommodations. If you’re traveling with someone or a group you can rent a private villa for the same cost as a hostel. My favorite website to find a villa when I’m in Bali is and if you use THIS LINK you can get $40 OFF your first stay!
 4. Activities.
Like I said earlier, Bali is known for its vast environment which means it has an endless list of activities you can do. I recommend you take full advantage of this. You can do things like take a guided bike tour through the back roads and get a more authentic feel, hike a volcano for sunrise, surfing, ATVing, diving, canyoning, rent mopeds, and river rafting! The price to do these activities are pretty affordable and a lot less then what they would cost back home so make sure to plan few during your stay.
My last tip is to try as much local food as you can. Indonesia has some seriously delicious dishes such as Nasi Goreng. Try Satay (you’ll see it everywhere) it’s little pieces of meat on a stick grilled over an open flame and it’s absolutely delicious. Try Luwak coffee (cat poop coffee) I did say I would explain that one so here ya go- A Luwak is a cat-like animal that basically eats the coffee beans and poops it out. Then the bean gets filtered and cleaned a bunch turning it into some of the most delicious and expensive coffee in the world! So try a cup. I promise it doesn’t take like poo. Make sure you also try some of the exotic fruit that Bali offers. Mangosteens are my favorite!
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