Quit Paying For Baggage!

Quit Paying For Baggage!

Let’s talk about how to travel with simply a carry-on bag. Yes, even on lengthy journeys to Asia or someplace else. It’ll be much easier to get around with just ONE bag. Plus, with many airlines now charging extra for your first checked bag EVEN on long-haul routes, you’ll save some major mula. What most people don’t realize is, what you need for a week away from home is the same amount that you need for a 3-week trip or even a 3-month trip.

Now if you’ve ever wondered how you could possibly pack for that extended trip in just one carry on bag, allow me to explain.

What To Pack

I only pack 5 outfits when I travel. Why? Because it keeps your bag light and chances are you’ll be able to re-wear a few pieces. Now this list will change some depending on where you’re traveling to and your specific needs but here’s what works for me when traveling most places in Asia.

  • 3-4 T-Shirts
  • 2 Pairs of shorts
  • 1 Pair of leggings (comfy and keep you warm on planes)
  • 2 Dresses (1 daytime, 1 a little more dressy)
  • Hoodie (great to keep you warm on the plane, or if it gets chilly at night)
  • 7 Pairs of undies
  • 1 Swimsuit
  • 1 lightweight rain jacket
  • 1 Hat (wear it on the plane to save some extra space)
  • 1 Pair of running shoes
  • 1 Pair of sandals or flip flops
  • 1 Pair of Vans (or whatever shoes you like to wear daily)

Now if you’re traveling for more then a week obviously you’ll have to wash your clothes. Remember that there are many affordable laundry services all over the world. You can also buy or bring your own travel size laundry detergent.

What To Wear While Flying and How To Pack

The first thing you need to do is put aside what you plan on wearing while traveling. These should be your bulkiest things, such as any jacket or jeans you’re bringing.  This will save you room and weight in your bag. Now that you’ve got that figured out, its time to roll! Rolling everything will save you space and keep your clothes from getting too wrinkled. Make sure you stuff your shoes with something small like your underwear or socks.

If you’re really pressed for space, consider wearing even more layers on the plane. Wear that tank top under a t-shirt and wrap your hoodie around your waist. This method can save you a LOT of space. Trust me. On my last trip to Asia for a month, I wore every single top I brought on me until I got on the plane. Now I did this because I fly with a ton of electronics, a laptop, a drone, 3 cameras, and allll the accessories and chargers for them. That’s enough stuff to take up a carry on alone, but most people won’t have that problem.

Now get to packing! I don’t wanna see any of yall wasting money on baggage again! 🙂