The Universal Language

While waiting for some friends to arrive in Bangkok, we decided to take a short trip up north. We packed up our backpacks and jumped on an overpacked train to Pak Chong. Well, we got about halfway there before the train broke down and we had to taxi our way back into Bangkok. Determined to get out of the city for a bit we decided to try again the next day. We packed up our bags again, waved down a TUK-TUK and headed to the train station. Once again on an extremely overpacked train, we headed north. This morning we got lucky to sit across from this beautiful little girl and her mother. After a while, her mom fell asleep so I offered her some of the candy I bought at the station before departing. She happily took some and I watched a smile on her face grow. Some time passed and she then offered us some fruit that she had. A little while later she pulled off one of the keychains from her backpack. She had two matching key chains and decided to give one to me to put on my backpack so we could match. HEART MELTED. She doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Thai but at that moment I knew we spoke the same language.

Be kind, be honest, be loving, be true and all of those things will come back to you.

We spent the rest of our journey using an awful translator app to try to communicate with each other. It didn’t work, but that’s okay because we all laughed trying. This moment has truly been one of my favorites this entire trip and these are the moments that make it worthwhile.

Always remember to be kind.