The Great Wall

Our third day in Beijing we headed out in hopes of finding someone to take us to The Great Wall. Finding someone to take us was not necessarily an easy task. After walking around a bit we found a place. The only problem was that the people working didn’t speak English… like AT ALL. We weren’t really sure what all we were getting ourselves into, but we thought “ahh what the hell?” and just went with it. Fast forward the next morning after grabbing DIM SUM for breakfast at 5 AM we got into a van with a man that yet again, spoke no English. He drove us around as we picked up a few more people, before FINALLY picking up our tour guide who luckily did speak English (kinda). For about roughly 80$ a person this is what our trip included.

We first stopped at Jade factory where we got to watch people sculpting and creating Jade pieces. Then we went to check out a Temple and learn a little history. After that, we went to see a Chinese Doctor where we soaked our feet in hot green tea and got our palms read. This part really took me by surprise. To be honest, I was very doubtful in someones ability to tell your health by only looking at your palm but he did, and he nailed it.  After this, we made our way up the mountain. It’s about a 2-hour drive from the city to The Great Wall. Once we got there we had about an hour to explore. After that, we all met up at the bottom of the wall where we had a traditional lunch waiting for us. Here we sat at a round table with everyone from our group and shared plates of various traditional Chinese food. After that, we made our way back to the city where we ended the trip at a Tea Room. Here we learned about many different types of tea and even got to try a few! Overall it was a pretty good tour and a nice way to spend a full day in Beijing.

If you plan on visiting Beijing, check out Leo Hostel (Linked Below). The location was GREAT and close to everything you probably plan on seeing. If you want to book the same tour, well I’m sorry because I cannot remember, nor did I probably ever know the name of the travel company that we used, BUT if you stay at Leo Hostel it was at the end of the street, across from the McDonalds.

新年快乐 / 新年快樂

Happy New Year!